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Support the Cause

We are pleased to support The Esther Handy children’s fund, a special initiative to raise funds to support the education of young girls in Canada and Cameroon. This project aims to offer leadership training to young black girls in Canada and support for tuition fees or girls in Cameroon.


In memory of Esther Handy, a young lady from Cameroon who lost her life at 38 due to complications with HIV Aids. Esther was a nurse who dedicated her life in helping HIV positive pregnant women deliver their babies with dignity and support. As they were often abandoned and alone because of their medical condition, even the medical staff would stay away for the fear of contracting the HIV Virus. As a caring and compassionate nurse, she stepped in and cared for these women, held their hands, cleaned them, talked to them, held ther babies and followed up with them years after. Unfortunately, while doing this selfless work, she contracted the HIV Virus herself that later claimed her life. Through it all, she never hesitated to use her small salary to help the children, buy them clothes and make sure they go to school.

Although she lost her own battle to the HIV virus, her work and compassion should never end.


The goal this year is to send 30 to 50 kids to school, who are mostly orphans or from poor families.


We count on your support and generosity.