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Canada International Black Women Event is a premiere celebration of
Black Women in Canada.

Black women have come a long way in Canada: from being only wives and daughters of slaves to live-in caregivers in the 60s and 70s.  We now find black women in all walks of life: politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, teachers, public servants, nurses, engineers, professors, sport champions, entertainers…etc.


Black women are tearing down the walls and breaking barriers everywhere. It has to be acknowledged, celebrated, encouraged and linked up


As Black women, we have come a long way, and the potential is limitless. We are thriving to build an everlasting legacy

Thus this year’s celebration theme  could only be: INFINITE


As such the event will symbolize the boundless legacy black women are building in Canada and beyond through their achievements, leadership and successes.

This year’s event will create a path to bridge with different generations and sectors in the spirit of continue passing of wisdom and knowledge in order to maintain and hold alive the universal promise to be our sisters’ keepers. As black women all continue to thrive in their professions, roles and circles, we have to remember that this is made possible so that our sisters around the world could be too.


Join us in celebrating who we are and where we want to be.


Our goal is to:

  • Offer a unique platform where black women from different walks of life can meet to share, network, learn and celebrate
  • Offer an atmosphere to explore possibilities and connections
  • Offer an opportunity to share knowledge, experience and network.
  • Showcase success stories of accomplished Black women
  • Raise funds in support of scholarship program for young girls and young mothers in Makak, Cameroon